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From: Stringer616 To: Onceremovedbluesband. Sent:Aug-22-18 10:32 stringer616 (97 )
Hey Patrick, I had a flight within hours of the guitars arrival, it looks great though, I will be home tonight though and will spend some time with her then and send a word, thanks again for everything,,, john stringer616 (97 )
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Hi John - how is the guitar ? Onceremovedbluesband
Hello Patrick, thanks for writing me like this. I am honored! I knew this was the right decision, for me to learn a "new" instrument, to be able to mix up how I do things, not to mention loving the music of. A Resonator most my life. After your description of strings I would say flat wound would be the right choice for me, But having spent most of my guitar playing life with either a 10 or 11 high E, I don't think the heaviest gauge string the guitar can take that the factory will Say is the right fit for me, as long as they don't buzz, there's no fret scraping noise cause thier to thin and it sounds clean, that's good with me. With your experience, expertise not to mention your wonderful desire to make this a great purchase for me, my guess is you yourself are perfectly suited to make that call, so please keep in my mind after you hear from the factory that for me a mid way point in string gauge maybe the right way to go. I don't even have to imagine all Of the trail and error with string gauge/ action/set up aggravation that you are sparing me from with what goes far beyond exceptional customer service but more like I was a family member that you want to make sure gets the perfect guitar for them, thier abilities and thier style. Let me know if you really want me to mention all this in the review, because it made lead you to getting to many people expecting the same thing LOL, your pics and videos,, the music are awesome, if thier is a particular method that you would recommend for me learning this instrument please let me know, I would love to tale music and stuff with you sometime as well, perhaps after I get the guitar and have it for a week would be a good time, thank you so very much. John stringer stringer616 (97 )
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Good Morning John,

Someday we should talk on the phone and I can tell you how (and why) I became a National Guitar Dealer.. ,
I feel extremely Blessed and Fortunate that they allow me to represent them – they are an excellent manufacturer of fine guitars – I chose them and they said yes !!
Yes, Johnny Lang is awesome --
This is my band – I’m the 3rd from the left with my hands on Ruth’s shoulders – and my son is on the far right .. This photo was taken after we performed for the Homeless at the Denver Rescue Mission while they had dinner – just over 700 people – and for a moment in time, they danced and sang – they really liked our version of The Thrill Is Gone …
My Bands You Tube Videos

I’m waiting for Shanon (from National) to tell me the heaviest strings I can put on the guitar – question for you – do you want Flat or Round Wound ??

I use both – Flat Wound for real Bluesy/Jazzy mellow stuff, and Round Wound for more Rock N Roll sound –
My son and I made a video for you last night, I need to dump if from the camera, compress it and send it to you… Just me playing your guitar with a slide and Caleb (my son) playing his Buddy Guy Fender Strat …
Just a little background – when I was 5 I stared guitar lessons, and I took for 13 years. I started teaching guitar at 16 in Bartlett, IL – I was making $ 400.00 a week sitting in a room teaching guitar – I was in heaven !!

At 9 I saw B B King at Ravinia Park in Illinois – I was hooked on the Blues – at 13 I started listening to Siegel Schwall Blues Band – and I really got hooked on the Blues – their Music was Fun, Happy Blues –

Siegel Schwall Blues Band

Siegel Schwall Hey Billy Jean ---- you HAVE TO listen to this song – Corky’s Harmonica is AMAZING, and Jim Schwall Guitar is really fun, and the band is HOT …

In my late teens and early 20’s – I managed Colfax Music – was like a Guitar Center, before Guitar Center was in every town .. We sold Marshall, Gibson, Fender, Keyboards, Drums, PA – and we across the street from the Rainbow Music Hall

So, I got to meet all kinds of professional touring musicians – and that’s why I never wanted to follow that path – I LOVE Music – but I LOVE being at home !! And the stories I heard about promoters not paying, and having to run out from a hotel cause they didn’t have money (this was told to me by Ken Hensley, Uriah Heep)

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